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HS-2 The Promise: "...will increase investment in riverine craft and small coastal patrol craft, and ensure the maximum interoperability between the Navy and the Coast Guard."
When/Where: Obama Campaign Document "A 21st Century Military for America" dated 11/26/07.
Status:Although classified as one of the nation's armed forces, the homeland security aspect of the U.S. Coast Guard's (USCG) mission dictates that this promise be included under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

As of CY2009, 56% of the the USCG's mission performance was dedicated to Homeland Security, including 11% for illegal drug interdiction, 11% for the interdiction of illegal immigrants, and 8% for defense readiness. Non-Homeland Security missions included 14% for aids-to-navigation services, 13% for "living marine resources," 8% for search and rescue services, and 7% for marine safety services.

For years, U.S. Navy (USN) and USCG interoperability has been assured through joint exercises and operations as mandated by a Joint Navy/Coast Guard Policy Statement signed by the Chief of Naval Operations and the Commandant of the Coast Guard, on 03/03/06. The objective of that statement was to implement the National Strategy for Maritime Security (NSMS). In 08/15, the USN Chief of Naval Operations and the USCG Commandant refined the implementation of the NSMS by signing the National Fleet Plan which articulates the joint interoperability objectives related to: integrated logistics; training; maritime security cooperation; command, control and communications systems; sensors; weapon systems; engineering systems; platforms; and intelligence and information integration.

The investment in riverine and small patrol craft falls under the purview of the USCG. In his FY2010 DHS budget submission, President Obama included $103M for 30 boats to replace the USCG's aging 41-foot utility boats and other non-standard boats.

The FY2011 budget submission included $45M for the design of a new Offshore Patrol Cutter to replace an aging fleet of cutters and patrol boats. The FY2012 request included $358M to construct six more Fast Response Cutters and $130M to acquire two more Maritime Patrol Aircraft. The FY2013 budget request included $658M to construct the 6th USCG National Security Cutter and $8M for the USCG to initiate acquisition of a new polar icebreaker to replace aging vessels.

This promise to increase investments in USCG assets to improve interoperability with the USN was fulfilled.