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AP-4 The Promise: "Will appoint a Chief Financial Officer to oversee the rebuilding following national disasters to minimize waste and abuse."
When/Where: Obama-Biden Plan: "Rebuilding the Gulf Coast and Preventing Future Catastrophes" dated 09/11/08.
Status:In 09/11, the Obama Administration released its National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF). The sole, new federal-level position introduced in that plan was that of Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinator (FDRC). The mitigation of fraud, waste, discrimination and abuse is addressed to some extent in the plan, but not the involvement of a federal-level Financial Officer in those efforts.

The following are examples of multi-state disasters that occurred during President Obama's two terms in office:
2011 - Flood/Mississippi River Valley
2011 - Tornado/Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas, Virginia
2012 - Hurricane Sandy/ Eastern USA
2014 - Tornado/Nebraska, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina
2015 - Flood/Carolinas
2016 - Hurricane Matthew/Florida, Carolinas, Georgia; Wildfires/West-Southwest

No Chief Financial Officer was appointed in the aftermath of these national disasters.

This promise was not fulfilled.