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The Promise: "...will make safeguarding nuclear material both abroad and in the U.S. a top anti-terrorism priority. In terms of waste not believe that Yucca Mountain is a suitable site...will lead federal efforts to look for safe, long-term disposal solutions based on objective, scientific analysis...will develop requirements to ensure that the waste stored at current reactor sites is contained using the most advanced dry-cask storage technology available."
When/Where: Obama-Biden Plan: "New Energy for America" dated 09/06/08.
Status:President Obama's FY2010 budget submission included $197M to shutter the Yucca Mountain, NV nuclear waste storage program while the Administration "devises a new strategy toward nuclear waste disposal." The U.S. Government had already invested nearly $12B of taxpayer monies in the development of the Yucca Mountain waste disposal site.

As of end-CY2016, the Yucca Mountain site has been abandoned and nothing exists but a boarded up exploratory tunnel.

More than a year after President Obama's inauguration, the Department of Energy (DOE) established a "Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future" on 03/02/10.

With a budget of $5M, this 8-member advisory commission reported to a DOE Designated Federal Officer and was given 18 months from 01/10 to produce a draft report by 07/11. That report was published on time and recommended the creation of a federal corporation whose mission would be to find a new nuclear waste disposal site. The so-called "federal corporation" has not been identified as of end-CY2016.

The public comment phase for this report ended in 10/11 and the final report issued in early-CY2012 recommended that "consent-based" deep geological disposal was the best solution for nuclear waste.

In the interim, Waste Control Specialists (WCS) of Dallas, TX applied to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on 04/28/16 for a license to build an interim storage site on 1,338 acres in Andrews County, about 350 miles west of Dallas.

As to ensuring that the waste stored at current reactor sites is safe, at least 3,500 gallons of nuclear waste leaked at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state as recently as 04/16.

This promise was not fulfilled.